Paving & Landscaping
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Paving & Landscaping

LDG Constructions your locally owned operated licenced professionals for everything Paving and Landscaping.

Finding just any old contractor for your paving and landscaping project is easy, there are lot of available options. Finding the right and qualified contractor, however, can be quite difficult, daunting and confusing since a majority of the available contractors may not be adept or even skilled enough to execute your project professionally.


Finding the right contractor could become less daunting if you base your selection on the following points. Read on for our suggestions on how to select the right contractor for your paving and landscaping projects.

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 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Paving and Landscaping Contractor

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1. Quality of equipment and materials used

A professional and reputable paving and/or landscaping contractor can be effortlessly distinguished by the quality of the equipment and materials used. Most low-cost contractors use low-quality materials in the construction of things like patios, decks and the irrigation system for landscaping projects.


After only a short period time from construction, things may begin to weather, crack, frail or even fall apart, leading to a very short life cycle of the landscape structure. Likewise, the quality of asphalt and other paving materials used by a paving contractor will determine the quality of the project. Using low-quality asphalt will result in a low-quality structure. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire contractors who have been proven to use good quality materials for their projects consistently.
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2. Competence

The competence of a contractor is a major factor to consider when deciding whether a contractor is qualified to execute your project. You should have some assurance about the contractor you are hiring in regard to their ability to deliver the kind of quality you desire. Having a background check of previous projects the contractor has completed, similar to yours, will go a long way in clearing your doubts on whether the contractor is the perfect candidate.


The years of experience a contractor has, more often than not, correlates to their level of expertise. As much as possible, try to ask the contractor as many questions as you need to, to assure yourself you’re hiring a competent and qualified contractor. If you are unsure about their competence please read any reviews of them you can find.
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3. Post-installation maintenance

What happens after the completion of your paving or landscaping projects is a major determinant of how long it will last. Having the same contractor build and maintain your landscaping project translates to a smoother process.
When the same contractor handles both, all the necessary details for maintaining it will be automatically available to them, which saves you the stress of having to communicate everything to a new contractor. However, sometimes the same contractor cannot handle both construction and maintenance so it is best to try and communicate openly with both parties.
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4. Licensing

Before hiring a contractor, for paving or landscaping, be sure that they are licensed by the appropriate bodies to carry out any construction. There are several regulatory bodies that license qualified contractors to execute construction of paving and landscaping projects. Make sure you confirm a copy of their license or certificate to verify the validity with QBCC, this is a licensing body in Queensland Australia.
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5. Length of time required to complete the project

During paving or landscaping construction, your entire outdoor environment can be quite a mess. You certainly do not want to live like that for too long before you’re back to having the beautiful feel of your outdoor space. Before hiring a contractor, you should find out how long it will take to complete the project and how many other projects the contractor has on at the same time to ensure the project does not take an unnecessary long time.
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6. Details on warranty

Ending up with a destroyed or collapsed landscaping or paving project after just a few weeks is the worst nightmare for anyone considering an out door project; the money, time and effort have all just been wasted. A standard and qualified contractor should be able to specify a warranty period for the construction so that you, as an employer, will be insured in the event of destruction from a shoddy job done. Additionally, having a reasonable warranty period should also guarantee you of a quality job.

For any assistance with any of the above on the Sunshine Coast contact — LDG Constructions. today. For paving, and landscaping on the Sunshine Coast we guarantee all our work and we provide quality structures built by extremely competent professionals. We only use the best quality materials. We are professionally certified and extremely capable of executing your landscaping and/paving wishes. Sunshine Coast, we guaranteed our structures will stand the test of time even with our harsh weather conditions.