New Home Constructions
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New Home Constructions


We are market leaders in design & quality construction. If it’s a high quality custom luxury home with designer features that will bring you & your family together creating lasting memories then LDG Constructions from Noosa, Sunshine Coast is the builder for you. If you are planning to build your new dream home in Noosa or any of the surrounding suburbs, contact your luxury home builders Noosa for no obligation quote today. Your master builders Sunshine Coast.

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For quality new home constructions on the Sunshine Coast, get in touch!


Probably you just won the lottery jackpot, or you have a good credit score, and you have saved some cash for a deposit on your first home? In either way, you are most likely contemplating a new home construction. Before buying into any home, there are some things to look out for. Our new home builders Sunshine Coast have gathered essential tips you need to consider before you conclude on your decision.


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What’s more beautiful than the smell of a new car? It’s the smell of a newly built home with freshly installed appliances! One obvious benefit of a new house is the fact that everything – from furniture, appliances, windows, siding, roofing, ceilings, fittings, doors etc. – is new. Everyone surely loves the new quality that comes with building a new house.


More importantly, is the warranties that come with this as well. When you build a new home construction, the appliances fitted in the house will most definitely come with plenty of years worth of guarantees. This means that the manufacturers will provide warranties that will cover the home’s central air system, water heating system, the furnace, and every other plumbing or kitchen appliances that are installed in the home. With this in place, you will be spending less on repairs for the first few years of moving into your new home construction.


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Who doesn’t love good and bespoke customisation? Well, if you get to build new home while it’s at the pre-construction stage, you will be endowed with a whole lot of flexibility options. This means that you get to customise most of your home features, just the way you want it.


You will be able to determine what mixture of paint colours you want the house painted with; you get to decide and customise the appliances you want to be installed, and you have a say in regards to the kind of flooring that would be installed. Awesome, right? Yeah, we know too!


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Do you know that new appliances are designed to consume less energy compared to their previous versions?


This is why the enhanced efficiency of appliances is another added advantage of a new home construction. Consequently, when your appliances consume relatively lower energy, it means you incur lower energy costs too! It is simply a win-win situation!


New House Builds Projects by Noosa Builders

Even if you have all the resources and accurate planning, there will always be a possibility of unprecedented delays or events. Mother nature is the number one cause of the unexpected slowdown in progress. Weather variations can affect the building of your new home construction, and this means progress is slightly delayed but likely Sunshine Coast weather is very predictable and easy to work around.

Typically, what comes to mind first when one hears “new home construction” is the idea of perfection. A home that is freshly built according to your taste. What are you waiting for, contact Danny today for no obligation chat.