Home Extensions
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Home Extensions


At LDG Constructions, we love house extensions projects. We are very proud to provide our Sunshine Coast customers with quality home extension work, we achieve fantastic results and strive to provide great value for money done in a timely manner.


We specialise in home extensions as well as kitchen and bathroom renovations, building pergolas as well and spaciest decks all over the Sunshine Coast. We are recognised swimming pool builders, building beautiful and functional swimming pools in Noosa and surrounding areas. If it needs renovating, we’ve got you covered.

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7 Things You Have To Consider Before Starting Home Extensions


Are you thinking of having a home extension? If so, then this guide is a must-read for you. We have highlighted the top 7 factors to consider before you embark on your house Extensions by sunshine coast.

1. Will the home extensions increase the economic value?

To get the best of your home extensions, it is necessary to ensure that the added value is higher than the project cost. Typically, this may seem hard to analyse. However, you can always find similar local properties and assess how much they have been sold for. This will serve as a useful guide in determining if your home extensions will add value to your home or not.

2. Home extensions must comply with the Building Regulations

Do you know that it is mandatory for your home extension works to have approval from Building Regulations? This is something you must consider even if your home extension is allowed according to Permitted Development rights. Typically, these are some of the home extension works that will need approval:
– Home extensions
– New flues or chimneys
– Any installation that involves new waste plumbing or drainage (like new WCs, showers, and baths)
– New heating appliances installation
– Any alterations to the internal structures. An example is demolishing an internal wall for structural reasons.

3. Selecting the best designer for your house extension

When planning your home extensions, it is crucial to discuss the new designs for your home extension. You will need to contact experts and professionals such as:
– Specialist designers
– Architectural technicians
– Skilled architects
– In-house build designers
To successfully hire the right company for the respective design tasks, we will be happy to recommend some of the specialist that we have worked with for years, it is also a good idea to seek recommendations from your friends, neighbours or family.

4. Consider the location of sewers

Things like whether your home extensions will be close to a sewer are very important. This is an important factor you will have to consider. In case you are going to be building your home extension either over or around the region of a sewer, then you will have to contact your water board before construction commences. You may be required to sign a Build Over Agreement with your local water authority if a sewer that is shared by two or more properties is within 3 meters of your intended home extension. You understand now why it is necessary to consider the proximity and location of sewers in your home extension plans.

5. Are you extending beyond a single storey?

Yes, it may appear quite exciting to extend your home over your garage or a single storey. However, the burning question you have to consider is; do these structures have the capacity to withstand or support the additional load?
In situations where the existing structure may not be able to carry the extension, these are some recommendations to consider:
– Demolishing and rebuilding
– Strengthening or bypassing the former framework with a steel structure laid in new concrete pad foundation.
– Support the former shallow footing

6. Will the home extension affect the efficiency of your boiler?

Indeed, it is very likely that carrying out home extensions will increase the demand for your present hot water systems. The question to consider is this: will your boiler be able to cope with these additional demands?
This is why you have to evaluate what the requirements of the new home extension will be to be effectively heated. To do this, you will have to factor in the following during your home extension plans:
– The size of your hot water cylinder
– The radiators size
– The reheating duration of tire boiler
– And of course, the output of your boiler.

7. You can save money and time by building off-site

This simply implies that the bulk of work is carried out in a factory off-site. Once the components are finished, they are delivered to the point of your home where they are subsequently erected. Doing this can save you resources since you won’t be interfering in the progress of work if it were on-site. Some off-site construction systems are timber structures, structural insulated panels (SIPs), oak structures, cross-laminated timber (CLT) etc.


In conclusion, these are some of the most important things you have to consider before you begin your home extension. LDG Constructions are the Sunshine Coast home extension specialists and will be glad to provide professional help throughout the duration of your project. Reach out to us for more information.