Decking & Pergolas
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Decking & Pergolas


At LDG Constructions, we specialise in creating the most beautiful decks on the Sunshine Coast. We take great pride in providing our Sunshine Coast customers with quality decking & pergola services, we continually strive to achieve fantastic results all while maintaining value for money for our customers and still completed in a timely manner.


We specialise in home extensions as well as kitchen and bathroom renovations, building pergolas as well and spaciest decks all over the Sunshine Coast. We are recognised swimming pool builders, building beautiful and functional swimming pools in Noosa and surrounding areas. If it needs renovating, we’ve got you covered.

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Delivering beautiful decks & pergolas all around Sunshine Coast. Get in touch!

Mistakes To Avoid While Building Decks And Pergolas

Decking & Pergolas Services Sunshine Coast

These days our outdoor environment is just as important as the interior of our home. Everyone desires to have an outdoor setting that further extends the beauty of the interior home. Decks are an amazing way to create a home within the outdoor space, and they suit the purposes of relaxation, outdoor dining and entertainment.
If decks create a home within our outdoor space, then pergolas give life to that home. If you’re the kind of person that seeks to enhance the quality of your outdoor living experience, then a pergola is the perfect choice for you.
However, building decks or pergolas may seem like a daunting task and mistakes in their construction can shatter your dreams of an ideal outdoor living experience. In this article, we’ll share details on mistakes to avoid while constructing your deck or pergolas Sunshine coast.

3 Mistakes to avoid when building your pergolas

Pergola building services Sunshine Coast

1. Purchasing the wrong materials

Having your pergola built with the best and most suitable materials is very important. Using low-quality or wrong materials can result in a structure that is far from what you desire. Additionally, this can also result in weakening or rotting, leading to the untimely destruction of your structure. Therefore, when building your pergola, getting high-quality materials is extremely necessary.
Pergola building services Sunshine Coast

2. Failure to put weather conditions into consideration

Your climate has a significant influence on what should be used to construct your pergola. You should take into full consideration, climatic condition and other weather conditions such as temperature level, common wind speed, to ensure the longevity of your pergola. Cheaper materials may work just fine for dry climates but will gradually weaken with moisture. Our pergola builders at Sunshine Coast, are professionally armed with the ability to determine the right materials to use in building your pergola for your type of climate and common weather conditions. Contact LDG Constructions to get your pergola build.
Pergola building services Sunshine Coast

3. Not choosing the right contractor

Most people are not equipped with the skills to build their pergola. Hence, they contract the services of professionals. When contracting the job of building your pergola to a contractor, it is important that you hire a qualified and reliable professional that is capable of creating the desired structure for you without errors. Our service for Pergolas & Decking offers you the expertise of competent and reliable builder.

3 Mistakes to avoid when building decks

Decking Services Constructions of Pergolas Sunshine Coast

1. Starting with wrong footings

Footings are an important part of any construction. They are typically made of reinforced concrete that has been poured into an excavated trench. The primary toll of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling. Footings are especially important in areas with troublesome soils.
Just like the longevity of any project is linked to the quality of its foundation, constructing a high-quality deck depends on the footings. When building a deck, you must be sure that it is not built on incorrect or sub par footings or footings that lack the appropriate depth. Footing piers should be as deep as possible into undisturbed soil. This should typically be about 600mm or even as deep as 1200mm if the area is subjected to ground movement.
Decking Services Constructions of Pergolas Sunshine Coast

2. Selecting the wrong materials

Constructing a deck can be achieved with a variety of materials, from pressure-treated lumber to composite decking to vinyl. The specifications and requirements of the building materials are not fixed. They depend on the kind of deck you intend to construct and the type of environment where it is being constructed. The type of wood used influences the beauty and lifespan of the deck. For some cases, cedar may be the best option. In others, it may be a bad choice. The merits and demerits of each material have to be considered before selecting any building material for your deck. For decking on the Sunshine Coast contact us today, our professionals know just the right type of materials you need.
Decking Services Constructions of Pergolas Sunshine Coast

3. Poor planning

Before commencing the construction of a deck, proper investigation and planning need to be done. The required permits have to be obtained to prevent having the government demolish your deck. Also, the deck plans must be properly reviewed to avoid any access that may be restricted due to the construction.
Tips to help your deck stand the test of of time, one common mistakes is not allowing adequate ventilation underneath the deck, this is essential to avoid wood rotting.
For proper planning in the construction of your deck, LDG Constructions offers you the best services.

Ensuring that all of these mistakes are in check and duly prevented will make the structure of your decking and pergola better, more beautiful and long-lasting. Contact us today to make that happen.