Consult Your Noosa Builder in 2019 Before Architect
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Consult Your Noosa Builder in 2019 Before Architect

Why you should consult your builder before having plans drawn up builders sunshine coast

Consult Your Noosa Builder in 2019 Before Architect

Why you should consult your builder before having plans drawn up.

Going to an architect to have plans drawn up for your dream home or an extension is a very exciting time. It is a very special moment in your life. We know we’ve been there with our families.

Unfortunately one of the negative aspects that we see all too often is plans developed for a home or renovation that far exceeds the client’s budget. Hence their ability to complete their dream project. Believe it or not but this is a very common theme on the TV show “Grand Designs”. People end up with half-built homes when they run out of money before they can complete their dream.

This should never happen.


We loathe the moments when we have to break it to a family that their dream is going to cost maybe $50,000 more than they think, or have. It is heartbreaking not only for them but for us as well. Plans need to take the whole environment into account before people become too attached.

It doesn’t matter if this is a whole new house, a renovation of your existing home, house extension, or even a new swimming pool. It is almost always better to be talking with your Noosa builder before you start making definite plans. Architect plans cost a lot of money. You want to only have them drawn once.

Talking with your builder before going to an architect to draw up plans is a wise course of action. LDG Constructions do the actual building work and know the landscape both physical and economic here in the Noosa area.

There are some great builders in the Sunshine Coast area (we like to think we are one of them). There are some great architects too (we can help you meet some we have worked successfully with). But there are some who will allow you to commit to designs that, while indeed are beautiful, won’t translate well for your realities of time, budget, location, materials etc. While we’d all love an amazing castle, it is unfortunately only pain when it goes wrong.

Being an established Noosa home builder, we have conducted a vast number of different building projects (400+ projects and counting). We want projects to be completed, not only on-time but also on-budget. This gives us the satisfaction of not only completing our tasks, but of also seeing our clients happily living in their finished homes. This is why we do what we do.

We are part of the Sunshine Coast community.


Our experience is from achieving these outcomes and the desire to achieve them again. We’d rather sit with people over coffee for an hour or so to discuss practical and workable ways to build them something that delivers their actual dreams than see them stressed and wondering where would the additional money come from. As a builder living in this Sunshine Coast community, we will help you distil your real needs into things that you can achieve within your budget.

If you already have plans drawn up before talking to us, we will still sit down with you and discuss how they can be brought to life right here in the Noosa area. The best option though is if we can help direct your architect and help you create achievable dreams the first time.

We understand how overwhelming building your new home or creating a new home project can be. There are legal obligations that must be met, permits to be obtained, contracts to be drawn up, plans and specifications that need to be completed with. At LDG Constructions we are here to offer you support, simplify the process and help guide you through the entire building process, right from the start to finish. That is why we are offering 4 payment packages depends on what stage of the process you currently are.

Contact us today for a no-obligation chat of course ideally before you talked to your architect.