Choosing Local Builder in 2019 – Benefits
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Choosing Local Builder in 2019 – Benefits

Choosing Local Noosa Builder Benefits

Choosing Local Builder in 2019 – Benefits

Benefits of Choosing a Local Noosa Builder to Renovate or Build Your New Home.

We’ll start with a question. Who do you think you should choose to build your house or carry out your next renovation:

A. the builder with the cheapest quote,
B. the fastest completion date,
C. the one with the nicest pictures on the side of their vans and adverts?

These points might indeed guide you but hopefully, none would be reason enough on their own for choosing your local builder. I believe the most important thing in any builder you hire is: Trust. Don’t you agree?

If you are building locally – as in right here on the Sunshine Coast or Noosa area. One of the best ways to consider the trust equation is to start locally. And why not to end that way too. Here are a couple of reasons a local Noosa Builder is a better choice:

  1. A Local Builder knows the area.
    A Local Sunshine Coast Builder developing in the local region for many years, would have an advantage and world of experience in comparison to an outsider;
  2. They are a part of the same community, they live here in the community, and hopefully they will be here tomorrow too;
  3. A Local Noosa Builder doesn’t have to travel to stay connected to the project. This is not only convenient but very practical;
  4. A Local Builder knows the subcontractors he uses, he’s used them before

These are compelling reasons and all work towards building trust. Even better, you can talk with people who have used this builder right here on the Sunshine Coast for their new home or renovation.

Noosa Builder: Knows the Area

As they say in The Bible, building on sand is not the same as building on rock. We live in a sandy area. Thankfully, with modern technology and experience, we know how to build on sand and still have a home even after a high tide. It is not like anyone can’t learn but we have built in this area hundreds of times already.

We also know our supply chains. We know who is a reliable supplier for the materials needed to build your home in a reasonable time and at a reasonable price. Using external suppliers is sometimes the only way but that piles-on a lot of extra freight costs and often other logistical problems like some things might not arrive on time.

We know the local area intimately as we live here.

Noosa Builder: Lives in the Community

The Noosa community is where we live. The Sunshine Coast is where all LDG Constractions’s staff live. We want to be proud of the things we build, not only this week but in the years to come. Sometimes, believe it or not we take detours to see projects we have worked on. Sure it may be pride, but it is the right kind.

Noosa Builder: Connected to the Project

A builder should be on-site far more than they are not. Being local means that I am present on my building projects every day. Out-of-town builders cannot do this unless they are paid to be exclusive to your project. If so, they either don’t have any other work, or you are extraordinarily well off – fine if it’s the latter, not so much the former. FIFO is good for miners, not for builders.

No building project earns us enough to retire so we need to have more jobs tomorrow and the day after, right here building on the Sunshine Coast.

Local Noosa Builder: Knows the Sub-Contractors

Three is nothing like relationships in business. I don’t like working with people I don’t know, people whose offices I can’t drive over to on Production St. As much as I like, I use the same people. I keep regular people on my staff so they only focus on our projects, others I use over & over again, as long as I trust them often based on the last job.

People who are passing through are looking at their watches, the next town, the wife at home… This isn’t our way of doing business as we are local people here in Noosa.

Local Noosa Builder Sunshine Coast
Local Noosa Builders Sunshine Coast

To find out more about the building services we offer as well as our past projects please browse our website for more information or better yet contact us today for obligation free chat. Our team will be very happy to hear from you.